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2015 Attempted Legislative Changes to Florida Guardian & Estate Law

One of the biggest stories in Florida over the past few weeks has been the early dismissal of the Florida Legislature.  Due to the issues with accepting federal health care dollars that emerged this session, this has led to a necessary and upcoming (but as of now, unscheduled) special legislative session to begin sometime in May or June.

A special session operates under special rules. Any bill that was not passed in the regular session would need to be re-introduced. This is highly unlikely to happen, for a variety of reasons. So, it's safe to say that an important bill that was talked about will not become Florida law this year:

  • Allowing a Florida guardian or estate executor the right to control online accounts, including social media and email, of someone who died or become incapacitated;
  • Reforming the structure of professional guardianship to be overseen by a state agency.

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